Evaluation of the Most Important Effective Factors on Sustainable Development in the New Towns: A Case Study in New Town of Parand

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Abstract. Rapid population growth and increasing immigration which has led to population concentration in big cities has gone up to the explosion limit in some cities and brought about numerous problems for decision-makers as well as the residents of these cities. Uncontrolled expansion of cities on the one hand have made managers and planners face the problem of providing infrastructure and services to the residents of these cities and on the other hand have led to more alienation between human and environment and have left people alone with complex issues and erosive forces around and made them disable in dealing with the suffering and misfortune complexity and problems. Therefore, the overflow of mother metropolis crowds without depending on the metropolis is the first and foremost philosophy of creating new towns which as the symbol of "modern civilization" are considered as the most important and best new age phenomenon. The basic foundation of new towns are self-sufficiency, independence, balance of population and employment which have been historically present in the world due to political, security, economic and demographic reasons and along with industrial revolution in Europe and the US, new laws on urban planning was formed. New Town of Parand which has been established based on the two necessity of settlement of the overflow urban population of Tehran, as well as accommodating Imam Khomeini Airport staff, is regarded really important in the government policy of housing projects due to its favorable and relative position. If sustainable development is added to the process of the formation of these towns it can be considered more important with higher position. The present study was kind of descriptive and aimed at investigating the most important effective factors on sustainable development in the new towns with the case study of New Town of Parand.


Effective factors, sustainable development, new town, Parand

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