Interaction between Interior Parametric Design and Learning Aesthetic Values Expressed in the European Scholars’ Work

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Abstract. In the contemporary world that every aspect of human life is affected by major developments in technology, living environment should be outcome of today’s knowledge and technology, man’s view point of himself and his surrounding and moreover in accordance to current conditions while reflecting past values and then utilizing parametric forms and creating fluidity in the interior spaces conflicting with common internal architecture provides new experience for man. This research tries to study the effect of utilizing digital technology, particularly parametric architectures, in forming residential interior, adopting such an architecture style to the ideas of European thinkers in the field of beauty, and also the effect of changes made to aesthetic values learning process. Accordingly impression of visual factors will interact with man‘s active response to provide him with motivation to approach values gained from technologic changes via man’s need to experience his surrounding as a growth pattern on the one hand and a tendency to learn new values on the other hand. Technology as a part of surrounding environment relying on language and grammar of geometric design creates computer parametric forms never seen before. These forms finding an expression in the components of interior architecture make potential spaces .Since the human being has high capacity to adopt his activities to the capabilities of new constructed environment,it seems the change of environment by creating digital interior spaces will result in presenting new experience of relationships as well as learning aesthetic values hidden in new spaces and leaving for a permanent change.


Aesthetic values, Adaptability, Interior spaces, Parametric Architecture, Learning

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