Investigating the Climate Solutions of Iranian Traditional Bathhouses in Creating Comfortable Conditions

Mohammad Ali AKBARI, Mansour NIKPOUR
1.477 351


Abstract. In the monuments of the Islamic period, all designs were made according to pre-supposed principles, and architectural structures were created with the most efficiency. No space was created by chance and all components of the monuments were examined beforehand, and then implemented. And in order to create thermal comfort in traditional architectural spaces, the least amount of fossil energy was used and the most benefit was obtained from the energy produced. This study looks through the architectural techniques used in traditional bathhouses in Iran which led to their high efficiency of the energy produced. This research was completed by the observation of a number of traditional bathhouses, and the study and review of previous related resources in Iran. The results show the high efficiency of the techniques applied in traditional baths for low energy consumption to create comfort conditions in such spaces.


Bathhouses, architectural techniques, climate, thermal comfort

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