Ecotech: An Old Style in Iran’s Architecture

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Abstract. In this paper, analyzing the elements that have had multiple functions in traditional buildings of Iran has been considered. And, windward tower as a main feature of our architecture among the other elements in the architecture of ancient Iran has been selected, since; at the time it had advanced structure in order to improve natural ventilation in buildings. And then, the materials used in the ancient monuments such as bricks and cob which also have unique features are discussed. It is followed by investigating the theoretical and stylistic features that is called echo technology in contemporary architecture in west. Finally, the extent of similarity between ancient architecture in Iran and eco-style and that the use of natural ventilation or mechanical systems in buildings singly is not a practical way to achieve an appropriate form of energy and cost saving and natural systems should be combined with mechanical systems are realized in respect.


Sustainable architecture, Ecotech, windward towers, buildings’ material, thermal comfort

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