Evaluation of the Function of Common Building Materials as External Layer of Building

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Abstract. Selection of suitable wall system is one of the most important decisions an employer must make, since the external walls have the biggest role in providing comfort for the inhabitants in a building. For example, one of the most important sources of heat energy loss within the building is through the walls. However, the use of appropriate and correct material can tremendously increase the walls’ resistance against heat loss. Another important factor in this regard is the external sound control. In fact, the decrease of sound level must be as much as to keep sound level within the appropriate amount.In this paper, we introduce the most common wall system in building construction we have obtained through questionnaire. Also, we examine their heat and sound function by means of software, such as THERM and ODEN which will help to choose the appropriate and correct material in building walls through their investigation in life cycle.  It is also hoped that the results from this study will be used in executive project by those involved in housing and construction.


Keywords: building’s external layer, material’s heat function, material’s sound function, life cycle


Building’s external layer, material’s heat function, material’s sound function, life cycle

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This article is adapted from the author's MA thesis entitled "Evaluation of thermal and acoustic behavior of common building materials for residential buildings in Mashhad," which was performed on September 2014.