Comparing EPC contracts with conventional contracts and their effectiveness on risks of projects in National Iranian South Oil Company

Ebrahim ADIBAN, Fazlollah KAZEMI
1.735 592


Abstract. The present research aims at comparing the joint design-build contracts with conventional contracts and their effectiveness on risk of projects in National Iranian South Oil Company. This research is a practical and descriptive type. The library and field methods were used for data collection. The researchers made use of self-made questionnaires which include 55 questions. These questions are designed to include the performance indicators basics of major industrial projects. The answering scale of questionnaire is a 5scale Likert type. The statistical population of this research includes all managers and experts of Iranian South Oil Company who are involved in engineering and implementing the oil and gas projects. The number of subjects exceeds 180 people. 123 subjects were selected as samples based on Cochran formula. Because, some teste's might have left a question unanswered or because of some mistakes regarding the questionnaires, 123 questionnaires were distributed, 115 of which were collected and analyzed. The samples were selected through systematic sampling. The descriptive statistics (frequencies, mean, deviations) were used for special data and inferential statistics were used for testing the hypotheses (ANOVA , T test, Bonferroni test). The main hypothesis and all of the subsidiary hypotheses were confirmed. 


EPC project, conventional project, risk, contractor, employer

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