Identify and rank the factors in empowering employees by hierarchy (AHP)

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Abstract. In development approaches to human resource management, the importance and position of human factors in organization have been clearly discussed. If there are approperiate situations for the growth of individual talents, organization`s asset (that is; human resource) will has better performance. One of the most effective factors in improvement of employee`s performance, is the growth of sense of empowerment among them. The present research reviews and identifies the factors in empowerment of employees of urban beautification organization of Urmia municipality in hierarchy method (AHP). For doing so, first literature and related concepts in empowerment were reviewed, and then the effective factors were studied. Then, a questionnaire was prepared to identify the factors in research population. In the next stage, the stability of questionnaire and the relationship between 19 factors with empowerment were reviewed through SPSS 15. In the follwing, AHP was used to rank the factors of empowerment. The results of factors ranking indicate that at the first 3 positions are training, capability, and skills of empoyees, respectively, and job significance, flexibility and information availability are placed in ranks 17-19. Managers should manage the employees` empowerment based on weight and rank of each factor.


Empowerment, approaches, hierarchy (AHP), factors of empowerment

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