Evaluation effects of establishment high rise building on urban water infrastructure)) case study: Qazvin city ((

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Abstract. In this century establishment of tall buildings is the phenomenon that considered as  solution for prevent the uncontrolled horizontal expansion and a way for provision hosing for urban  household .Tall buildings in the city can act as a major factor in solving urban hosing problems, if  they planned correctly. But this phenomenon if located on incorrect position can face the city with the numerous problems. This problems include traffic tie-ups, fracture in provision of urban infrastructure facilities and equipment that they needed by the resident of the city. Ecological pollution and impose of ecological pressure to the urban district. Final goal of this project is examining effects of establishment tall building on provision urban infrastructure consists of urban water. On this way two model of establishment tall building in the world (Chicago & conservectivism) and their case studies (Poonak site & Palestine site) in the Qazvin city are compared with each other and finally the optimization of each of two model distinct in provision of urban infrastructure facilities.


High rising, water infrastructure, urban infrastructure, water pressure reduce

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