Financial condition of the marriage in law and Islamic jurisprudence

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Abstract. These days effect of divorce as the most common reason of Dissolution of marriage on financial condition is very important and legislative policy communities cannot be unconcerned. Iranian legislator in order to apply Article 1133 of the Civil Code based on absolute right of men and financial support of the rights of the wife without fault should be concerned as well as it became mandatory that the relevant provisions of the Divorce Reform Act passed in 1992 and then new family law which includes: believes, interim during some maintenance and some other aspects are not mandatory and when required which under the stipulation, the couple agreed like bisection asset condition of parity.The main focus of this study is descriptive – analytical and investigates financial terms of the marriage in the legal system of the Islamic faith in order to help Judges of courts and judicial procedures for performing twelfth principle of constitution law and Iranian Shiite Personal Status Act of 1923, non-compliance with the provisions of a single article. 


Iran Law, Islamic jurisprudence, Divorce, Bisection condition of the property

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