A Cooperative Nodes Selection Scheme For Wsns Lifetime Maximization Based On Virtual Mimo

Mohammad Sadeghian KERDABADI, Reza GHAZIZADEH, Seyed Ahmad HASHEMI, Reza Sadeghian KERDABADI
2.225 622


One of the major design requirement of the wireless sensor networks is to reduce the total energy consumption of the sensor nodes. In this paper, a new scheme is proposed to choose the cooperative nodes in virtual MIMO transmission modein energy constrained wireless sensor networks. Transmission scheme is based on V-BLAST technique. Based on the introduced communication energy consumption model,the performance of the proposed  and other schemes introduced in the literature are compared  based on the overall energy consumption and number of alive nodes in different rounds . The simulation results show that the proposed scheme can decrease the energy consumption of the network and prolong the sensor network lifetime.


Wireless sensor network, V-BLAST algorithm, Virtual MIMO, Energy efficiency

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