Application of information technology in promoting administrative system health (case study: Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA))

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The present study intended to evaluate application of information technology in promoting administrative system health(case study of Communications Regulatory Authority). Research method was descriptive and survey-based. Statistical population included all employees of Communications Regulatory Authority-in Iran. In this study total sample size was estimated 209 person by using simple random sampling method and Cochran formula. In the present study five effective components were studied which included quantity of information transparency, quantity of trust and confidence in system, quantity of accuracy and correctness of information in the organization, quantity of controlling and monitoring performance of employees in the organization and quantity of organizational processes development; the relationship between them were evaluated and specified and way of interaction was determined. In analysis and conclusion parts related to findings obtained from the study, appropriate solutions were suggested for further research about more suitable use of information technology to promote administrative system health.


Application of information technology, health promotion, administrative system health, Communications

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