Impact of drought on quality and quantity of water resource of Jahrom plain

Mohammad Mahdi JABBARI, Behnam RAHIMI, Hamideh SAHRAEI
1.593 353


Jahrom plain is located in Fars province that is one of subbasins of Mond river.The cachment area is 1016 square kilometers. In recent years due to drought, the groundwater level in this basin has declined so much during the statistical period, 14.7 meters has dropped. In this research by using rainfall and drought index, dry and wet periods specified and compared with groundwater level changes. The times of drought due to reduced rainfall and increased withwards from groundwater resoures, water levels of alluvial aquifer dropped so that the plains have been banned. Plain waterbalance calculations also show that the difference between recharge and discharge of water in this plain is -27 million cubic meters. Thus enabling the development of water resources in the alluvial aquifer is plain.


Drought, groundwater, aquifer

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