Comparative study of base nervous cells and base marrow nervous cells in sheep artificial nervous coarseness treatment

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Abstract. Our basic problem is to study fetus base cell of disproportionate tissue. Using grown up base cell of animal would solve the problem. Preliminary cells has been achieved by adult sheep brain is proportionate condition for transmission. Marrow stromal cell changes to specific cell to replace dead cells. They could alter to procreative nervous cells and be cultured along with nervous base cell by joint culture by the aid of beta-galactoside in artificial environment. Our study shows when transplanting marrow base cells and nervous under abdomen and brain shell of adult sheep and newborn lamb by experimental nervous damages, nervous damages has been removed fully. We have observed broad procreative potential in norogols of central nerve system during life and concluded adult base cells of the same sheep could solve problems related to cancer, genetic mutation, uncoordinated tissues in the two methods of fetus base cells and nervous base. 


Nerve base cells, marrow base cell, and otology. Beta-galactoside, sheep

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