Evaluation of Solutions for providing the electricity of residential complexes in the City Yazd through photovoltaic panels (With the Purpose of General and Specialized Development, Promotion and Making Culture)

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Tremendous development of science and technology in today's world has led to peace and welfare of human life, but simultaneously, it has caused some new problems and among them we can refer to environmental pollution and being concerned with finitude of fossil fuels. The main purpose of this research is to recognize how to use photovoltaic energies more in the two specialized and general dimensions. In this research, the city Yazd has been reviewed with 32 geographical latitude as the sample. In order to gather the information of this research, library sources and questionnaire have been used. Then, the considered solutions have been reviewed and evaluated in Excel software. The obtained results indicate that the connection of the enhancement of internal production and governments' support of the private sector is the most effective factor in promoting photovoltaic panels. In addition to the fact that in the order of preference, the most appropriate place for using these panels is roof top, shades, building's façade and glass surfaces, by considering the high prices of photovoltaic panels, in the first stage we consider internal production and in the next stage, the government shall install the associated facilities and it shall be received as the energy costs from people. Developing photovoltaic systems can be done gradually. In the first stage, by establishing an emergency solar power supply system, we can store power for a few hours or a few days. In addition, we can create an augury for the public by developing the advertisements and publishing the advantages of this system compared to municipal power through media and cyberspace.


New Energies, Photovoltaic Panels, Residential Complexes, Making Culture

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