Exploring Routing Security in Ad Hoc Networks

Ardavan ZAMANPOUR, Somaieh YASSARI, Abdol Hamid ZAHEDI
1.653 473


Ad Hoc networks are the ones don’t use any network axillary element for routing, but participated nodes in these networks have task of network routing. Security in Ad hoc networks has a particular condition, because besides problems such as existed problems in wire networks, we face with problems such as simple hearing and information changing in transferring, possibility of people impersonation or damage routing operations, non-possibility of using coded key distribution infrastructures and so on. One of the most important security cases in ad hoc networks is providing a secured routing algorithm in these networks. It has been tried in recent years to provide a secured routing algorithm in ad hoc networks, amongst, there are protocols such as ARAN, SAODA, SRP, Ariadne, SEAD, etc. but each one has its particular problems. Moreover, lack of an acceptable algorithm both according to security and network efficiency is felt.



Security, ad hoc network, routing

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