Distribution Energy Resources Planning with Conservation Voltage Reduction

Maryam HABIBI, Mohsen KAZEMI
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This paper proposes a framework to find the optimal size and location of the Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) in a a distribution system, where the load growth and to minimization of the investment cost, loss and peak load loss as well as the voltage deviations and line congestions are taken into account. The planning process is begun with the load forecasting. A method is developed for peak load forecasting using the fuzzy regression.  The chief objectives are minimization of system upgrade, operation, maintenance, loss, peak load loss and finally system demand costs. Minimization of the demand cost is realized by minimization of system demand using tuning the voltage of the main station and reactive support of the reactive sources, which is called Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR). The effects of voltage on the system demand at each bus are analyzed using ZIP model. To minimize the total cost, the Harmony Search Algorithm (HSA) is applied. The line power flow restrictions, minimum/maximum allowable voltage limit at different system buses and the limits on the producible power from different sources are included in the optimization constraints. The proposed framework is tested on IEEE 69 bus test system and the results of different case studies are analyzed.


DERs, load forecasting, microgrid upgrades, planning in distribution systems, PSO

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