Evaluation of optimum maintenance and repair strategy by multi-criteria decision-making method in textile industry

Ehsan LESANI, Habibollah JAVANMARD
1.348 464


Abstract. One of the most important problems in production management and operations is maintenance & repair. Setting up a proper maintenance & repair program prevents either unexpected failures and production disorders or time loss and expensive costs. On the other hand, this program increases useful life of machinery and keeps moderate level of productivity. The goal of this research is identification of suitable criterion for selection of an optimum maintenance & repair strategy, with their weighted importance, by Fuzzy-ANP method in textile industry. Thus, a model was designed for selection of proper criteria for maintenance & repair. After identification of proper criteria, the optimum maintenance & repair strategy in textile industry was selected by Expert Analysis method by a questionnaire. Then ANP technique was used to determine weights of indices. In this step, views of experts for pair comparisons of indices and their weights were extracted from the questionnaires. Finally, the results show that preventive repair strategy has the highest score of 0.43703, situation-based strategy with 0.242812, and predictive strategy with 0.16236. The score of maintenance & repair based on reliability is 0.157798, which is the lowest score.


Maintenance & repair, multi-criteria decision-making, Fuzzy-ANP method, textile industry

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