Fracture Analysis of the Orthopedic Plates used in Joining of the Lower-Limb Bones

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Abstract. Breakage of the orthopedic plates that join the fractured bones of the lower-limb can cause major problems in healing treatment of the patients. Augmentation of the necessary medical treatment, prolongation of the healing duration and medical cost enhancement are a few problems caused. An investigation on the root of such failures is beneficial to prevent such disasters. Consideration was given therefore to 100 patients hospitalized in Imam Reza Hospital, Kermanshah, I.R. Iran. Lower limb examinations showed 6 broken plates, 1 broken rod and 1 broken nail. All broken samples were characterized by atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS), scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) techniques. Cyclic loading was revealed as the main source of the undesirable problem. Marginal incentives were also identifiable; some of them were: (a) large static and dynamic loads, (b) patient's premature movements, (c) presence of inclusions in the plates and (d) porous plates made by rare incompetent manufacturers.


Orthopedic plates, fracture, fatigue, lower limb bones

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