Identification Places Suitable Direction Building Dams Underground (Feasibility of underground dams)

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Abstract. Ine from issues important and able attention at throughout world protection and maintenance resources water that studies and research lot of background performance from and one from solutions proposed underground dam is. This type route groundwater flow to cut and and with prevention from move natural water; store good to prepared the. In countries as iran that level water underground swing great to at seasons dry and wet show of suitable dam solve useful direction purification and store water considered is. The research at boyer city of the province kohgiloye and boyer to purpose determination areas suitable to building dam ground to reserve and security drinking water and agriculture. At areas dry the city following planning from is. At this therefore, with identify options and suitable  studies field and was conducted in the laboratory and finally, two home selection presented information necessary from places round obtained, and proposed options in the city provinces. Home pyrzal tight and javrdh the river charvsa that any two points on the basement is located. And pyrzal deposits with the maximum and minimum, respectively, 5.6 and 5.1 m, porosity of 15% and 10%, respectively, the maximum and minimum slope of 10 to 20% and 1,728,414 cubic meters of runoff and javrdh deposits with the maximum and minimum, respectively, 75/3 and 1 m, porosity of 20% and 10%, respectively, the maximum and minimum slope of 10 to 20% and 2,315,912 cubic meters of runoff selection respectively. Next from selection final earth studies cognitive, geophysical and hydrology on the areas focus and investigation respectively.


Dam underground, basin watershed pyrzal and javrdh, water underground, city kohgiloye

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