Comparison Standard No. 28 Accounting in Public and Private Insurance Companies

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Before Standards No. 28 28 accounting, insurance companies in Iran in order to financial reporting their general insurance activities in cases where regulations of the High Council of Insurance given certain procedures follow the regulations and in other cases, the accounting standards used. According to the explanations given, the purpose of this study was to compare the effect of standards 28 accounting in the public and private insurance companies in Iran. In this research central parameters such as median, mean and dispersion parameters such as standard deviation, skewness and elongation and correlation coefficients were used.  Notable thing is that in this study time proportional method (1/8) was used that he reason is that most insurance companies use this method and lack of access to information and the diversion of other methods. The results showed that Standard No. 28 Accounting for income and rate of profit growth in public and private insurance companies are the same and has a positive and significant impact.


Profit, Profit growth, Standard No. 28 Accounting

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