Desert Watercisterns, The Symbol Of Sustainable Structures In Iranian Architecture

Nima VALIBEIG, Hanieh Mohamadi ISFAHANI
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Water cisterns are a part of Iranian architectural highlights which have been less considered. The buildings that were used for storage and purify water have a long enough history. Nowadays, still a lot of Water cisterns have remained stable all around this big country especially in flat desert plains. In this paper after presenting a short description of this urban and valuable element, it was tried to consider its components, cover kind and also its stability. The importance of this matter will be revealed when we discover their diameter sometimes reach 15 meters. In this case various techniques for stabilizing the structure is used, techniques that can help today's architects, to build a roof in the large openings. This research has been done based on field observations and librarian studies and the obtained data and its results have been analyzed. The results indicate their stability in the face of different static and dynamic tensions.


Water sictern, static archtitecture, embowed covers, brick shaped structures

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