Analysis of the Factors Attracting Foreign Tourists to South Korea, with Emphasis on the Visual Media and Mass Communication

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Abstract. Tourism is generally considered to be a recreational vacation. Organized tourism nowadays is an important industry in the whole world because it creates jobs and increases income, thereby leading to economic development of the country. In this paper, while presenting factors that attract foreign tourists to South Korea, it’s attempted to analyze major factors that cause the differentiation of South Korea from other countries. Among factors affecting the attraction of foreign tourists to South Korea, we can mention the following: nature, culture, historical monuments, recreational places, advanced technology, and visual media and mass communication as the most important factor, the last mentioned factor can be regarded as the distinctive characteristic of South Korea compared to other countries. Koreans have been able to take advantage of the visual media and mass communication, art and artists, and applying innovation and creativity to attract more tourists and therefore contribute to the development of their country's economy. For example, by producing diverse TV dramas, culture, civilization, natural beauties, recreational and historical places of their country, Koreans show themselves to the world with a managed style and motivate tourists to travel to their country.


Economic importance of tourism, tourism future, South Korea, factors affecting the attraction of foreign tourists to South Korea, impact of visual media and mass communication on attracting foreign tourists to South Korea

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