Effect of Carbohydrate Solutions with Different level of Sugar on Average Anaerobic power and Fatigue index of karate Players

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Abstract. Main aim of this research was investigating effect of carbohydrate solutions with different level of sager on average anaerobic power and fatigue index of karate players. Statistical sample of this research was 72 karate players of Khorasa Razavi province and 48 people were selected randomly. Average age, weight, height, and BMI were measures Average age of athletes was 22.23, average height 175cm and average weight 72.77. We used frequency distribution tables and indexes of the central (mean) and dispersion (standard deviation) also Kolmo Gorov Smirinov test and F test. Results of research indicated that, significant relationship exists between carbohydrate solutions and different index of sugar on index of fatigue. Moreover, significant relationship exists between effects of carbohydrate solutions with index of different level of sugar on anaerobic power. Finally, Proper pre-workout carbohydrate supplementation on anaerobic power karate players affects competition and improves athletic performance; however, there was no specific effect of carbohydrate supplementation on fatigue index karate players.


Carbohydrate Solution, Anaerobic Power, Glucose, Fructose, Starch

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