Effect of citizenship factors behavioral affecting on dimensions of managers' personality in organizational entrepreneurship

Seyed Ali VAZIRI, Narjes SAFARI
1.257 521


Abstract. Entrepreneur manager respond to chaos, unrest and environmental uncertainty and try to create a strong strategy even it has natural short period. Furthermore, they provide lack of environmental uncertainty by their innovation in other organizations and they create new opportunity by destruction available opportunities. They are trying to achieve new opportunities sooner than competitors do. This research, studied citizenship factors behavioral affecting on dimensions of managers' personality in organizational entrepreneurship. This research applied and descriptive and sample study included 315 people like managers and workforces of Gahad Keshavarzi Khorans Razvi province, after random sampling 174 people used as sample study. We used questionnaire in order to collect data (gender, age, education) and statistical analysis. Result of research indicated that significant relationship exist between characteristics of managers for entrepreneurship and behavioral citizenship organizations. 


Behavioral citizenship organizations, Characteristics, Organizational entrepreneurship, Dimensions of managers' personality

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