Effect of HCl-doped polyaniline nanoparticles on the corrosion protection properties of epoxy coating

Ghasem EBRAHİMİ, Fereshteh REZAEİ, Jaber NESHATİ
1.802 498


Abstract. Corrosion protection of epoxy novalac coatings containing HCl-doped polyaniline nanoparticles (PANs) on carbon steel were studied by EIS test. SEM image showed that the size of PANs was less than 50 nm. FT-IR analysis characterized polyaniline. TEM micrograph proved uniform dispersion of PANs in epoxy matrix. The results indicated that, addition of PANs could improve the corrosion resistance of epoxy coating. The epoxy coating containing 1wt% HCl-doped PANs had the best performance of corrosion protection among three systems under investigation. The variations in EIS results indicated that the protective layers had been formed under the coating.


Epoxy novalac Coating, Polyaniline Nanparticles, HCl-Doped, Corrosion resistance, TEM, EIS

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