Determination of Petrophysical Parameters of Ilam Formation in Abteimoor Oilfield

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Abstract. In this study, petrophysical parameters of Ilam Formation have been studied using well logs, two selected wells from Aabteimoor oil field and specialized GEOLOG 6.7 software with probability statistics method (Probabilistic). Petrophysical parameters were determined from well log diagrams. Accordingly, there are appropriate porosity and water saturation in this horizon, such that the average effective porosity and water saturation are 21.2 and 30.2 %, respectively. Based on Neutron- density cross-plot, it is determined that Ilam Formation lithology is composed of limestone, dolomite and in some intervals, shale. Also shale volume is low according to CGR charts so that its mean value is 0.65%.


oil field in the Aabteimoor, Elam Formation, petrophysical parameters, wireline well logs

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