Evaluation quality of life in Metropolises of Iran:Case study: Mashhad City

Mohammad Hossein SARAİ, Seyed Mostafa HOSSEINI, Zahra ABBASI, Kobra SORKHKMAL
2.241 691


Abstract: Life quality has multidimensional concept and it is relative and affected by time, place and individual and social values. The importance of life quality studies especially in countries like Iran with increasing urbanization is that it can result in problem-making areas and making management strategies and optimal planning. On this basis, this research assesses quality of city environment in Metropolis like Mashhad. This research has practical objective that data were collected by descriptive-analytical method and questionnaire distributed among head of the families in localities. Then by entering data to SPSS software, the first decision making matrix was made and using VICOR method the studied localities were evaluated on the basis of the quality life indexes. The results of the research showed that the neighborhoods of Azadshahr and Golshahr with the Q value of 0 and 0.506 were the best and worst localities from the quality of life perspective and the localities of Sarab, Pardis and Jahedshar with the Q value of 0.506, 0.620 and 0.694 were ranked respectively from the second to the fourth ranks.


Quality of Life, VICOR Method, Mashhad Metropolis, Iran

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