Criminal Protection of Trade Secrets in Iran Law and International Documents

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Abstract. Intellectual property issues arising from the arts and human initiative, but is not present issue with the advent of the human, and intellectual property is also evolved. Take the experience of industrialized countries and newly industrialized world shows one of the most important factors in the development of proper economic planning and systematically to promote and protect the intellectual property system. The trade secrets on the one hand is consistent with competition law and on the other hand is one of the examples of intellectual property rights, and is noteworthy because it contains valuable trade secrets and confidential commercial information that may lead to success of a businessman than other competitors. However, the specific nature of trade secrets that makes it unlike other aspects of intellectual property rights protection is not so strong and effective. In this research, we attempt to ensure the protection of trade secrets in Iran’s criminal laws.


intellectual property, trade secrets, protection of criminal law, international documents

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