Design of an expert system for diagnosis of thyroid cancer

Mehdi KHOSRAVİ, Mohammad YAZDANSHENAS, Mohammad Hossein NEMATİ
1.778 382


Abstract. Expert  systems has designed for the non-specialist people with the aim of make available of skills of specialist people.these plans simulation of throught pattern and the method of human performance, and make a relation ship between an expert system's function and human performance or a specialist person. Up to now different expert systems has provided in medical science ground and of this regard,it\s one of the pioneer sciences.Promptitude has effect sn diagnose and cure of thyroid cancer and recovery of  patient condition,but sometimes access to specialiste is not available for design of a system with the knowledge of specialist provides an appropriate diagnosis to sicks. Method:this research provides an expert system for diagnosis of thyroid cancer, using C# and necessary knowledge for diagnose for diagnosis reserves in the form of rules in knowledge unit of system. system with due attention to user's answers shows the probability of cancer. Finding:Using intelligent software, if there are no experties, we can diagnose and show the way of treatment, to the reliable extent.

Resulting: The use of intelligent  and  half-intelligent of systems such as expert systems, can provides for users in the form of companion's decision.However at present it can replace of experties, by no means.


An expert system. Thyroid cancer. Diagnosis of disease. Pro-type

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