Design of a Knowledge-based Expert System as Physician’s Assistant in Diagnosis of Heart Diseases through ECG Image Processing

Milad Keshtkar VIEH, Zohreh Fasih FAR, Mohaddethe Kalateh ARABI
2.034 606


Abstract. Diagnosis is the most important step in the treatment of diseases. In the diagnosis of heart diseases which have a complex structure and for which there is no specific algorithm, the use of expert systesms1 is the best solution. The present study introduces a knowledge-based expert system for diagnosing tachycardia, as a heart disease, based on image processing of electrocardiograms as well as the results of physical examination and experiments. Beckman feasibility test was conducted for the system. The database of this system is rule-based and is devised in such a way that uses a faultless inference engine which yields to future developments. The inference engine of the system employs forward chaining and works on the basis of deductive and inductive inference. Cost reduction, synthetic knowledge and greater availability are among the advantages of this system.


knowledge-based expert system, heart disease, ECG, image processing

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