A multi authentication scheme for RFID systems

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Abstract. In this paper, a new design and robust security in RFID system is proposed which is based on hidden data synchronization. Scheme prepare multi authentication that authenticate tag and reader to server and server for tag and reader, unlike the study protocol was doing. It means that the relationship between Tag- reader and reader-server are both unsafe assumptions. Hash functions used in the project are limited and some Hash values already stored by the server on tag, until the tag will have to be calculated every time the query is computed only once we hash in tag. TAG ID in any way change the query that is used to securely synchronize done and makes the protocol attacks such as eavesdropping, relay, tracking and DOS is resistant. We have used PRNG function to generate pseudo-random numbers. Security analysis relevant to this project shows that the proposed scheme is robust against attacks.


Security, RFID, authentication and privacy

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