Comparison Affection of Peer tutoring on the Attitude to ward Mathematical, Physics and English languages

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Abstract. The purpose of the current research was to investigate Comparison Affection of Peer tutoring on the Attitude toward Mathematical, Physics and English languages lesson. Random sampling method was used. Therefore, 73 students selected from statistical society, and were put randomly in to3 groups: Mathematical (n= 24), Physics (n= 25) and, English Languages (n= 24).  Aiken’s Questionnaire (pre-test) was used. The 3 groups were put under peer tutoring for 9 ninety- minute- session.  When the training finished, The Questionnaire was conducted for students for a second time (past-test). After exploiting the scores for both groups, the result of ANCOVA in a Significant (p≤0/05) showed that peer tutoring method has had a Significant positive affected on the General attitude of Mathematical, Physics and English language. This method has had a Significant positive affected of   pleasure, Motivation, Emphasize and Fear of Mathematical, Physics and English language but hasn’t had a Significant difference between groups, Moreover the result of T test in a Significant (p≤0/05) showed that peer tutoring method has had a Significant difference on the General attitude of Mathematical, Physics   next   Math, English language. Among the three groups, the greatest impact of Peer tutoring in the Physics   next   English languages.  Hadn’t has influence strongly the attitude toward Math.


peer tutoring, attitude, Components of Attitude

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