Gender Ideology of Translators Implicated in Their Translations of Virginia Woolf's Novels

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Abstract. Translation studies recently has focused on the role of translators in cultural communications and emphasized on the translator's identity as one of the factors which impacts the work of translation. This study has examined three novels of Virginia Woolf and their translations into Persian, one done by a female and the other by a male translator, to see the role of gender in choosing grammatical structures. Considering Farahzad's model of translation criticism which is inspired by CDA, as the framework, the corpus of this study has been examined and analyzed to see the relationship between gender ideology and translator's grammatical choices. In general, it can be said that male translators altered the style of the female author while female translators preserved the style and the theme of the texts. The number of negations and temporal shifts and also modal shifts in the males' translations were more than those in the females'. Further research can be conducted to examine the other ideological implications in other layers of the text.


Language, translation, gender, critical discourse analysis, translation criticism, Farahzad's model

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