An assessment on stress distribution in connecting bolts of smooth plates by bolts arrangement pattern change

Davod POUR, Seyfullayev KHANLAR
1.783 799


Mechanical joints are influenced by several types of the loads. The way of bolts connection and arrangement in different types of machinery and cars has a special importance. Unsuitable analysis for proper position determination of bolts may result in structure fail. Therefore, bolt joint arrangement is required to be determined at the shortest possible time and with no experimental test. Also, experimental test is not possible for any types of arrangement and thereby use of numerical methods is so useful in order to analyze mechanical behavior of bolt joints. In present study, stress distribution was assessed and analyzed in connecting bolts of two plates by arrangement and change (rectangular, diamond and circular). Initially, finite elements models were made with different arrangements. Then, by determination of boundary conditions and loading (wide load and shear load), stress distribution in structure was extracted. The results are shown as connector and diagram.


FEM, Stress Analysis, Bolt, Shear

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