Determination of the optimal maintenance and repair time with emphasis on reliability in Mazandaran power stations and with considering the minimum costs

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The maintenance and repair is considered as an integral part of the manufacturing sector, Due to the complex technology and high cost of purchase of new devices and equipments. In the meantime, one of the main criteria in decision-making and policy planning for maintenance and repair is reliability. Due to the importance of power plants and since power and energy is one of the basic necessities of life and plays an important role in the economic and social status, preventive maintenance of facilities, machinery and technical buildings to prevent damage to equipment and facilities is very important. This paper, tries to define the importance of the reliability in maintenance system as well as assess and determine this factor in the maintenance system of power stations (Case Study of 230 kV power station in Sari paper factory) and in continue the optimum model and the optimal time to perform maintenance and repair on the three major equipment in power stations were investigated.


Reliability function R (T), the failure probability distribution function F (T), the probability density function f (T), mean time to failure MTTF

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