Explanation the factors affecting Customer Satisfaction in relationship CRM

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Abstract. In today's world of communication with the customer is the center of attention. In the center of this system is customer service and customer satisfaction Profitability for banks and financial institutions leads. The purpose of this study was therefore to introduce the system model of customer satisfaction, customer relationship can be established. The associated variables with customer satisfaction in the CRM are examined In this study.This study considers a conceptual model that is determinant of customer satisfaction. To test the hypotheses, a questionnaire of 34 questions designed that is valued 0to100 and distributedamong the population, including Pasargad bank, the total 310 patients of the main branches of clients who have had experience using the bank system.The method used in this research is descriptive-survey. The path analysis method was used to test the hypotheses, and the AMOS software is used for statistical analysis of data.The results of the study show the significant impact of variables on customer satisfaction, however, the Customer protest and Service quality has had the greatest impact on satisfaction among them.


Satisfaction, CRM, Proposal model

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