Estimation of alpha decay half lives for isotopes super heavy nuclei (even [Z]-even [N]),(even-odd),(odd-even)and(odd-odd) the range atomic number Z=104-118

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Abstract. Alpha decay is very important process in nuclear physics.According to‌ the theory of‌ quantum mechanics,the alpha particle before being to emitted, was preformed inside the mother nucleus and is assumed to move in a spherical region determined by the daughter nucleus.alpha-decay life time may provide a stringent test of the ability of nuclear structure theories to predict the nuclear density.According to a research that,this current this is it s result, first logarithm of alpha-decay half life for super heavy elements isotopes‌(104-118)‌compared by analytic formulae’s‌ and‌VSS based on experimental amounts of Q and half life accounted. There are several reasonable estimations for decay half life, once again alpha-decay half life with super heavy elements of Z=104-118 based on the formula of half experimental and half life of alpha decay including shell effects estimated by applying experimental Q amounts.As well as there is a good adaptation between experimental data and computations.


Alpha-decay half-life; super heavy elements; VSS; shell effects

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