Evaluatıon Of Use Fe And Zn Mıcronutrıents Applıcatıon On Quantıtatıve And Qualıtatıve Traıts Of Safflower (Carthamus Tinctorius L.)

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Abstract. In order to evaluate the effects of  micronutrients on quantitative and qualitative yield of safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.), a field experiment was carried out at Research Farm of Agricultural Faculty, saveh University during growing season of 2012-2013. The experiment performed based on RCBD with 3 replications and 2 treatments including: Fe, Zn, B, pair combination of them and control. Foliar application of Fe (as FeSO4) , Zn (as ZnSO4) was used two times, before flowering and after pollination. The results showed significant differences in plant height, seed yield and biological, thousand seed weight and percentages of protein and oil due to application of micronutrients. The maximum seed yield, plant height and thousand seed weight, protein percentage and oil percentage was relevant to Zn-Fe pair combination at micronutrient application. In general, application of micronutrients had positive effects on quantitative and qualitative traits of safflower.


Oıl Percentage, Plant Heıght, Seed Yıeld, Micronutrients

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