Identifying of Barriers of the Private Sector in Providing Agricultural Services to Producers in Agricultural Sector in Khuzestan Province in Iran, Application of Factor Analysis

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Abstract. In Currently, development of Agricultural Services of private sector in different regions in Iran is faces with numerous barriers of software and hardware barriers, that to Correctly Confronting with these barriers and achieving to Goals of agricultural Development is subject to reload of past experiences, recognition of the status quo, drawing of future prospects and detailed assessment of possibility of transition from the status quo. In this regard, the main objective this research is the analysis of the barriers and constraints of the private sector in providing agricultural services to farmers. Research methodology is descriptive and population of this research is including experts of agricultural Public sector in agriculture organization of Khuzestan province and subordinate offices in Iran with the number of 200 persons. The sample was estimated 126 by using of Morgan table. The results showed that from the perspective of experts, the rate of barriers and constraints of the agricultural public sector to provide agriculture services to farmers is the medium. According to factor analysis was conducted, barriers to providing agricultural services by the private sector was classified in order of importance in two groups, which includes: The constraint of facilities, equipment, investment and financial resources and Planning and organizational barriers. Total explained variance with these two barriers in providing services by the private sector is % 56.44 and the remainder of this variance is explained by other barriers, that not present in this research.


Agricultural services, Barriers, Constraints, private sector

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