Assessment of the performance correlation, agronomic characteristics, and drought tolerance indices in corn hybrids under late season moisture stress conditions

Shahram MEHRİ
1.476 523


Abstract. This study aimed to investigate the performance correlation, agronomic characteristics  and drought tolerance indices in sorghum hybrids under late season moisture stress conditions in a randomized complete block design with four replications. In both normal irrigation and drought stress conditions, the number of kernels per corn showed the highest correlation with seed yield by (r= 0.977) and (r= 0.952), respectively. The results of the describing data indicate that there was a positive and significant correlation between GMP, MP, STI and TOL indices with YP and YS at 1% probability level, Whereas, SSI index had negative and non significance correlation to Yp and Ys. 


Yield, Corn, Drought tolerance indices and Correlation

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