Effect of pollen source on hormones ABA and IBA, and Peroxidase and catalase Enzymes in seeds from Sh-12 cultivar (♀)☓Eskandar and Tuono (♁)

Syied Hatef GORİSHİ, Tahereh HASANLO, Ali IMANİ
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Abstract. This study was carried out during 2011 and 2012 in Horticultural Research Station of Seed and Plant Improvement Institute(SPII), Karaj, as factorial design base on randomized complete bloke design (RCBD) in triplicate with the aim to assess the effect of Effect of pollen source on hormones ABA and IBA, and Peroxidase and catalase Enzymes in seeds from Sh-12 cultivar (♀)Eskandar and Tuono (♁) in Steps before and after germination. The overall results of this study showed that the effect of pollen of Eskandar and Tuono on on hormons ABA and IBA, and Peroxidase and catalase Enzymes in seeds of Sh-12 cultivar was significant. Seed from the hybridizing of two Tuono and Sh-12 significantly has a higher amount of hormones ABA and IBA. The amount of the hormones ABA and IBA in seeds derived from this hybridizion is the average was5.66 and 2.14 micromol/gr while the amount of this hormone at levels seed from the hybridizing of Tuono and h-12on average 0.9 and 0.83 micromol/gr. The amount of enzyme activity of catalase significantly resulting in seed from the hybridizing of two Tuono and h-12 was higher in seed from the hybridizing of two Eskandar and Sh-12, but the mount of activity of this hormone had no significant differences with each other according to Peroxidase. 


germination, almond, enzyme, hormones

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Effect of pollen source on hormone Saba and IBA, and Peroxidase and catalase Enzymes in seeds from Sh-12 cultivar (♀) Eskandar and Tuono ( ).