Design and production a special machine for manufacturing of regular polygons

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Abstract. For mass production of similar workpieces, the time of production and dimensional accuracy are important parameters. Accessibility to suitable quality and accurate dimensional tolerances are obtained through the use of appropriate machines and applying of right parameters. In this research, a suitable mechanism has been designed to produce the regular polygons around the circumference of circular workpieces. Meanwhile the working conditions, both the tool and the workpiece rotate around their axes and by touching the tool blades to the workpiece, the final workpiece is machined in a short time (lower than 30s) according to tolerances required. Reaching to high precision and accurate shape of workpiece is due to the use of accurate machine elements in the mechanism. In this machine, more than 150 parts such as mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, and electrical parts have been elaborately designed and used. In addition, presence of PLC, proximity sensors, and solenoid valves equipped by machine were attributed to production of each workpiece in desired time. 


regular polygons, design, production, mechanism, PLC controller

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