Heterogeneous Vehicle Routing Problem with Fixed Cost using Vehicles with Genetic Algorithms

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Vehicle routing problem is NP-Complete problem categories. Given the time complexity of these issues is higher degree of polynomials, by increasing the size of the exact solution problem increase with significant rate. The reason for the approximate solution of such issues and innovative creative solutions has been proposed.  Vehicle routing problem with heterogeneous fleet regarding fixed cost of using a vehicle is examined. The problem is presented. The mathematical model of the problem, due to the nature of the problem is NP-Complete, innovative genetic algorithm for the problem-informed has been developed.  Then for several examples of genetic algorithm, compared with the solution and the solution algorithm and answer exactly (by Lingo software) have been studied. The results show that the genetic algorithm, the performance is acceptable and in reasonable time give an answer with negligible error.


Heterogeneous vehicle routing problem, using fixed fee vehicle, GA

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