Investigate the Impact of QFD on the Performance of Businesses and Knowledge Corporation (Case Study: Science and Technology Park)

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We concern the world market conditions that have changed. Today, the purchaser is not responsible for the accuracy of the defect in the goods and the seller is responsible. It should be noted the unspoken needs of the customer. Manufacturer should adopt environmental responsibilities. It should be a rapid response to changes (market, technology, economics) are important for production and agile design. At present the global approach gives high cost to education and the right to choose and development of customer. Always we turned our attention to the development of flexible (Against drought) systems thinking (Against local) and yields on long-term (rather short). In all these cases that affect in the state as well as our competitors in search of lower costs and may act faster. Here is that the necessity of QFD is clearer. You have to check that QFD is only applicable in the context of changing customer demands to the technical specifications for the product but also in all other analyzes which are dependent on several factors must be considered simultaneously in the decision is useful. QFD applications wherever they are should be examined a set of problems and solutions. For example we know that the costs (to details of place and time) shall be commensurate with the needs and goals. When we ask created a project or program in organization. Fee must be examined from dimensions of scope budget and other aspects of the program in every part of the organization. For each organization it made up of several parts and each part has its considerations. Here you can help from the QFD.


Quality, quality development, QFD, corporation

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