Artvin, Rize ve Trabzon’daki Doğal Kaynak Sularında Toplam Alfa, Toplam Beta Aktivite Değerlerinin Belirlenmesi ve Jeoistatistiksel Olarak Modellenmesi

Yaşar Kobya, Cafer Mert Yeşilkanat, Bakiye Çakır
2.579 897


Trabzon, Artvin and Rize where being the most northeast of the Turkey are three cities take place an area approximately 18000 km2 large. Samples was collected from totally 20 potable water supplies into the cities and their gross alpha and gross beta activity values were measured with Berthold LB770 marked alpha, beta counting device. Activity values of the samples were evaluated value ranges 1.7- 114.2 Bq/L for gross alpha and 2.9-90.8 Bq/L for gross beta. The results were compared with world health organization (WHO) limits and other similar studies. Classical statistical calculations were performed for obtained datas. Also, iso-dose trajectories were created by using geo-statistical analyzes method and represented onto the map. So, a risk map was sketched


Gross Alpha, Gross Beta, Geostatistic, Natural spring water,Artvin,Rize, Trabzon

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