Dichlorvos’un (DDVP) Allium cepa L. Kök Ucu Meristem Hücrelerinde Mitoz Bölünme ve Kromozomlar Üzerine Etkileri

Hatice (Sarı) Soykan, Serdar Koca
2.423 841


In our study, effects of DDVP on A.cepa root length, root number, mitosis and chromosomes are determined. Different doses of DDVP (2ml/L, 4 ml/L, 6 ml/L) were applied to A. cepar oots with three different application periods (12h, 24h, 48h). Roots of tubers were counted and root lengths were measured after applications. Our results show that root numbers of application groups are decreased correlated with application time. When root length of application groups with control group is compared, root length decrease is generally seems to be correlated with application dosage and time. The data of microscobical observations were put in tables and evaluated with statistical analysis using SPSS 12.0. DDVP is determined to have a decreasing effect on mitoticindex of A. cepa .Decrease of mitotic index is correlated within crease of application time but not cerrelated with increase in appplication dosage. Chromosme aberrations were occured in A. cepa roots, after application of insecticide. Most observed chromosome defects are stickiness, pole deviation and fragmentation. Anaphase bridges and micro nuclei are also observed.


Pesticides, mitotic index, chromosome abnormalities, DDVP

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