Experimental determination of structural and electrical properties for constant tin concentrations in the Pb-Al-Sn composite system

Canan Alper Billur, Buket Saatçi, Mehmet Arı, A T Altıncı
2.311 509


For the first time, the structural and electrical properties of Pb-Al-Sn  composite system for constant  tin concentrations were investigated in this work. The electrical conductivity of the samples depending on temperature was measured by four-point probe,  and  it was found  that  the  conductivity  decreases  almost  linearly with  the temperature.  The  structural  properties  of the samples  were  determined  by  Scanning  Electron  Microscope  (SEM),  X-ray  diffraction  (XRD)  and  Energy  Dispersive  X - ray Analysis  (EDX).  The  SEM  micrographs  of  the  samples  illustrated  smooth  surfaces  with  a  clear  grain  boundary.  The  crystal structure of the samples was  indexed in  face-centered cubic  (fcc)  by using XRD data. The cell parameters  and the grain sizes were  determined  from  the  XRD  patterns.  In  addition,  the  temperature  coefficients  of  electrical  resistivities  were  obtained determined, which were independent of the compositions of the composite system.


Electrical conductivity, crystal structure, X-ray diffraction, electron microscopy.

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