Büyük Hadron Çarpıştırıcı’sında Yukarı Tipli Ağır Kuarkların Anormal

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The Standard Model with three families of particle physics doesn’t provide enough information to chargeparity violation, dark matter, hierarchy problem, baryon asymmetry in the universe and unification of interactions. For that reason, studies related to the extension of the Standard Model by adding new heavy fermions. Recently considering the limits to heavy quark masses from hadron collider experiments, the heavy quark masses are expected to be greater than the top quark mass. Due to the consideration of high mass new heavy quarks are expected to have different dynamics than the quarks within Standard Model. In this work, taking into account updated mass limits, the resonant production and decay modes of up type heavy quarks through the anomalous interactions at the Large Hadron Collider have been investigated, and the bounds on the mass and coupling parameters are obtained.


LHC, anomalous coupling, heavy quark, CKM matrix.

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