Laser Biostimulation of Free Gingival Grafts around Dental Implants

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Objective: Peri-implant plastic surgery is often required in order to maintain peri-implant tissue health. Lack of keratinized tissue is especially a major problem in implants placed to edentulous patients. Long-term edentulousness causes big alterations in mandible such as keratinized tissue is reduced or lost, lips and cheeks lose support and vestibular sulcus becomes too shallow. As a consequence of keratinized tissue loss, lip covers the healing cap of the implants and free gingival autograft or vestibuloplasty is usually mandatory. The aim of this case report was to evaluate the effect of diode laser bio-stimulation on FGG procedure around dental implants in edentulous patients.

Material and Methods:  Material-Methods:  3 edentulous female patients (59 and 64 and 79 years old) were referred to our department in different time periods. All patients had serious alveolar bone loss because of prolonged edentulism. In clinical and radiographical examinations, it is observed that patients had lack of keratinized tissue around 6 dental implants placed in mandibular canine positions. The healing caps had been placed and there were severe soft tissue problems and disorientations and also ulcerations around healing caps. Patients were really uncomfortable and in pain because of ulcerated mucosa. Conventional vestibuloplasty and gingivectomy procedures were performed in one patient. The problem continued, lips covered healing caps again and patient was suffering from the pain again. After then in order to reduce the pain and stimulate soft tissue healing, diode laser bio-stimulation were performed in all three patients along with the FGG procedure. Totally six FGG procedures were performed in three patients.

Results: Mild pain was observed in donor site and other than that there was no pain or discomfort. After 30 days, the keratinized tissues around dental implants were increased and the discomfort and pain were gone. Healing caps were placed again and the patients were treated successfully.

Conclusion: FGG procedure is the gold standard for increasing the keratinized tissue around dental implants but it is a painful process. Diode laser bio-stimulation reduced the post-surgical pain and discomfort.


Diode laser; Bio-stimulation; FGG; Dental implants.

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