Bone quality and quantity measurement techniques in dentistry

Defne Yalçın Yeler, Melike Koraltan, Turgay Peyami Hocaoğlu, Canan Arslan, Taner Erselcan, Hasan Yeler
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In dentistry, finding a reliable method for measurement of bone mineral density and bone strength in jaw bones is not only beneficial for implant planning, but also in early diagnosis of diseases influencing the mineral density of bone such as osteoporosis. Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) method is considered the gold standard for measurement of bone mineral density in medical field.  At present, imaging methods evaluating bone structure in more detail and yielding more information DXA have been developed. These method have become popular in dentistry as well and paved the way for comparative studies.  The aim of the present article was to present  information on basic methods evaluating bone structure and advantages and disadvantages of the methods.



Mandible; bone mineral density; bone strenght; QCT; QUS; CBCT; micro-CT.

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